April-Lea Hutchinson

About the Artist

My work as a photographer is part of a longstanding relationship that began with modelling. I have been modelling for over 16 years and have had the chance to work with some of the finest photographers across North America and Europe. That experience has helped me understand lighting, angles and composition. I developed an appreciation for film and I like to think I photograph women how I wish to be photographed by others

I prefer to shoot images directly to film (Polaroid and Medium Format) in camera with natural lighting. I shoot what I am feeling the day of the shoot- sometimes it’s portraits & sometimes it’s more erotic ; it is always spontaneous. I do not like to rely on post processing and rarely re-touch my images. If there is imperfection… that’s even better. (in my eyes)..There is beauty in imperfection, a reason why I like to photograph ALL types of people and characters.. not just the “typical” model.

7 Questions an interview
with April-Lea Hutchinson

When did you become interested in photography?
I first developed an interest in photography my senior year in High School.. back in those days you could take Photography as a credit. I spent much of my time in the dark room.. would stay after school just to experiment. It’s when I first fell in love with film. I didn’t seriously start shooting until a year ago. I’m not sure why.

Do you have your own studio or are you working on location?
I much prefer shooting on location, outdoors or in my home using natural light.

Do you have assistance or are you working alone?
I work alone and prefer it that way. Just myself and the model. It’s when I can get to know the model, form a connection and trust, which are all very important factors in a great shoot. I have thought about having an assistant during some shoots.. but really, I am self sufficient. Personally, I think having people around would be distracting. Shooting nudes is a very intimate situation. I am not sure how the model would react to others being there. I always respect the models feelings.

Was it easy to find models when you started photographing nudes?
Yes, It has been easy to find models. With my experience being a model, I have had the chance to meet some wonderful models throughout the years and form long lasting friendships. It’s been very rewarding.

What do you prefer: digital or analog?
All I really know is analog… I am still trying to figure out the digital world.. seriously! 
I like digital, I just enjoy analog more.. it jives with me.

Do you have other artist(s) who you admire and inspire you?
Oh yes.. many artists…some dead, some alive. I have always admired the works of Helmut Newton, Jan Saudek and Von Un Werth.. Some of my good friends inspire me on a daily basis, George Pitts from NYC, Wolf189 from Las Vegas and my dear friend Rob Nelson hails from my hometown of London, Ontario.

What is number one on your wishlist?
Currently my wish is to self publish a book of my finest works.. a combination of Polaroids, Med Format and self portraiture. It will be my winter project… a time I usually spend hibernating. I also wish that people, (the viewers) really do enjoy my work, somehow connect with my images, feel them & evoke some type of an emotion in their gut or heart…. be it good or bad. To me, that is great photography!

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