Roy Stuart
Photographer, Director

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Embrace Your Fantasies, Power Play
Lovers and Madmen
Roy Stuart, Vol. 1
Roy Stuart, Vol. 2
Roy Stuart, Vol. 3
Roy Stuart, Vol. 4
Roy Stuart, Vol. 5

About the Artist

Roy Stuart is based in Paris. He has captured women ecstatically fulfilling their sexual fantasies. The players in his photographs are real people engaged in real sex. Stuart’s titillating mises-en-scene challenge us to break loose from traditional moral codes. For Roy Stuart there are no taboos but bad photography and the passion-numbing stupidity of modern commercial pornography.

Roy Stuart, Grandmaster of the erotic camera

With a reputation as a grandmaster of the erotic camera, Roy Stuart has exhibited his work in numerous galleries throughout the world. He has published five best-sellers with Taschen. His latest book ‘Roy Stuart Glympstory’s’  is published by Edition-Skylight.

Expanding his expertise beyond still photography, Roy’s artistic and creative sense is also apparent in his cult-classic Glimpse videos. Also to his credit is his first feature film, entitled Giulia (1999), produced by Tinto-Brass. And his full- length feature film The Lost Door.

Roy Stuart ARTE Documentary (French)

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