Will Santillo

About the Artist

Will Santillo has taken a detour from his career in traditional commercial photography, and has been exploring the world of erotic art photography. In his quest to keep taste and art paramount, he has crafted a vision and style that is passionate and uninhibited without the explicit nature that commonly dominates this subject matter. His unique vision has been recognized in print by Taschen and Mammoth Press and will soon be showcased in a monogram edition to be published in early 2008..

This sojourn within the erotic genre has allowed Will to develop an insightful new artistic approach to all his work, whether in the field of classic beauty, glamour, intimate apparel, seductive lifestyle or erotic portraiture. His experience in both the traditional commercial photographic fields and the erotic arts, offers an unique set of credentials and experience not found in the average commercial photographer, making him a ‘one of a kind’ shooter.

A native born New Yorker, Will is now a dual citizen of both the United States and Canada, and is currently conducting regular business in Los Angeles and New York and other major North American cities.


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