Gerard Kikoïne

About Kikobook

Gerard Kikoïne is one of the most famous French directors of erotic films (films d’Amour) from the 70s and 80s.

A few years ago he had a dinner with his assistant from that time. It turns out that the assistent had a large archive of stills and slides of the films directed by Gerard Kikoïne, which until that time had not yet been revealed.

This archive brought back to Gerard Kikoïne many memories and emotions. His wife came up with the idea to make a book. Which has resulted in a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to get the finances together to create and publish the KIKOBOOK.

It’s more than just a filmography. It’s about the career of Gerard Kikoïne and his love for cinema and it takes you back behind the scenes of making his ‘films d’Amour’, featuring his favorite actors including Marilyn Jess, Brigitte Lahaie and Alban Ceray.

The texts in KIKOBOOK are in French. But KIKOBOOK is for the most part visual, making it also an attractive book for the non-French speaking including myself…

But still I would like to use this opportunity for an appeal to the French publishers, to publish their books about French erotic history in more languages. France has such a lovely rich history of eroticism, that books will definitely appeal to not French speaking people.

Year:  2016
Binding:  hardcover
Pages:  368
Language:  French
Publisher:  Les éditions Soleil   

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