Naked Fashion Girls
By Mike Dowson  

About Naked Fashion Girls

Beautifully sexy…

To say anything about Mike Dowson´s Naked Fashion Girls would be to say too much, because his snapshot-like photographs of beautiful, undressed fashion models speak for themselves. Anyhow, one is teased to figure out any behind-the-scenes clues, because these pictures provoke curiosity. They are an invitation to Dowson´s privileged world, where natural, young women share their most intimate moments with the camera. Instead of using a sterile studio set, everything is happening in a private looking atmosphere- such as a garden, a hallway or a living room carpet. Even a first glance at the Naked Fashion Girls, their tempting and refreshingly nonchalant poses will instantly start a spicy film inside your mind.

The British photographer Mike Dowson used to take thoroughly staged pictures that were lit to perfection, until he shifted the focus to more spontaneous, snapshot-like compositions. His way of operating generates a certain freedom of movement, allowing him to capture spectacular moments that are popping out of actual situations. The secret to successful portrait photography is communication, he says. The artistic result of this attitude is perfectly illustrated by his photo book Naked Fashion Girls. Dowson´s protagonists are really communicating with the camera, absolutely open and out of the moment. Apparently, this collection provides an insight into his life in the company of dozens of energetic exhibitionists. These are unconventional, casual moments packed with joie de vivre, telling more about the art of seduction than a thousand words. It can be this certain undressing glance into the camera, or this shamelessly sexy way of leaning against a tree. Mike Dowson thinks that women who display their sexual presence openly are much more erotic than those who come over as aloof and distant. All of his models convey the feeling of availability. The petty bourgeois may call them tarts, because their attitude polarizes.However, the Naked Fashion Girls are far from being categorized. They are just young, being themselves and showing their lust for life. Mike Dowson´s photography is reflecting this attitude perfectly- being open, very present and highly erotic.

The Publisher

Binding:  hardcover
Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Publisher:  GOLIATH   

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