Young lesbian girlfriends
Mark Novak, Richard Lopez

About Young lesbian girlfriends

Lesbian Male Fantasies 

Typically, lesbians come off to men as being extremely feminist, or boring and uninteresting. However, what many hetero men still toy with the idea of, is how or with what lesbians have s:e:x. This is the reason for a variety of lesbian themed scenes in erotic films. After all, lesbian s:e:x is one of the top searched phrases on Google.

Real lesbian s:e:x often looks different than men think. This is in part due to the differing nature of s:e:x:u:a:l perception between the two s:e:xes. To put it simply, optical stimuli, such as a beautiful woman’s body, is usually enough to arouse a man. For a woman, s:e:x:u:a:l perception is somewhat more complex. According to s:e:x research, women watch a s:e:x film in “identification mode,” i.e., they identify with the woman. The man, on the other hand, views it in an “object-identifying mode” where he concentrates on the woman and displaces the active male.

Therefore, with lesbian s:e:x, men don’t have to block anything out; they can fully concentrate on the two women. Perhaps double is double as good.

Photographers Mark Novak and Richard Lopez are ambassadors of these male fantasies. Their photos show what “man” imagines, and they do so bluntly, variedly, and with beautiful girls. An appealing, fast-changing photo series, which, like many other photographs in the world, represent a beautiful part of our creative human activity, and like landscape photography, represent a part of our photographic cultural history- but with even more beautiful landscapes.

Binding:  hardcover
Pages:  224
Language:  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Publisher:  GOLIATH   

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