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AnnaBelle Lee  
Joost Smoss  

About Silver Shoes

“With our final category, Movie Of The Year, we pay tribute to a film that has expanded the scope of what feminist porn can achieve as well as the audience that it can speak to. This film combines beautiful, spare production; poignant sexual exploration; real, human connection; and authentic orgasmic pleasure. The director used a sophisticated eye to perfectly frame each touch and caress, expertly highlighting the sizzling chemistry between performers and setting it all to a narrative that explores the bittersweet connectivity and dissonance of relationships. In other words: it’s got the total package!” – Official statement from the jury of this year’s Feminist Porn Awards

Award-winning explicit erotic trilogy directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell (Blue Artichoke Films) intertwines three short stories about the carnal power of what we wear. Fun, bittersweet, surprising, and intimate, the stories may or may not be connected. It’s up to you to decide.

Silver Shoes: Undressed
AnnaBelle Lee discovers that her delicate friend (Liandra Dahl) is hiding a tough masculine side under her flowered clothes.

Silver Shoes: The Housesitter
A lonely young woman (AnnaBelle) has a surprisingly intense reaction to what she finds in the owner’s closet.

Silver Shoes: Mimosa
Liandra hosts a brunch party and meets Joost, a handsome man with fabulous trousers.

Silver Shoes combines engaging stories, strikingly real performer chemistry, and the intimate cinematic experience that Blue Artichoke Films has become known for.
Silver Shoes is the winner of the “Movie Of The Year” prize at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, and is already an Official Selection of several film festivals:The London Short Film Festival (where Silver Shoes celebrated its World Premiere at the renowned Institute of Contemporary Arts in London), CineKink/NY, (New York), and La Fête du Slip (Switzerland).

This is the first Blue Artichoke Film to blend the erotic work of different kinds of performers.The first two stories feature alternative porn performers who are known for their natural looks, authentic expression of genuine sexual pleasure, and general personal charm. Liandra Dahl (Australia) and AnnaBelle Lee (USA) perform together for the first time with tremendous chemistry.The third story pairs Liandra with real-life Belgian model Joost Smoss in his first-ever appearance on camera.

Blue Artichoke Films
Blue Artichoke Films, headed by Jennifer Lyon Bell, is dedicated to making artistic, unusual erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. We think that women and men alike want to see hot sex with real feeling. As with all our films, the sex scenes are shot with shot with an eye to capturing the characters’ feelings, facial expressions, and emotions. Real, intense and emotional, this is erotic film for people who like film.

Year: 2015
Runtime: 73  min
Language: English

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