Alain Goraguer : X-rated music

03 June 2018

Support this exclusive LP with unreleased tracks composed by maestro Alain Goraguer for the French Golden Age of pornographic cinema.

A brand new selection of unreleased musics composed by the great Alain Goraguer, brought together on a collector vinyl, object of all the desires, that will be available only through this campaign on

The touch and the groove of the maestro Alain Goraguer, a modest genius who used to work under an alias to musicalize what was happening in the beds in the movies directed by Burd Tranbaree. Orchestrator, composer of an impressive number of monumental french pop songs, from Boris Vian to Serge Gainsbourg, from France Gall to the cult french TV show “Gym Tonic”, Alain Goraguer is well known by hip-hop fans and sampling lovers for his cult soundtrack for The Fantastic Planet by René Laloux. He gave in all his experience and his unique craftsmanship in composing original soundtracks for this X-rated cinematographic adventures.

For this LP, they choose eight unreleased tracks. Definitely an eclectic selection, to express all the master’s talent, alway accompanied by his favorite musicians. Close-to-the-skin disco, suggestive reggae, contagious groove and bewitching melodies that we gathered to caress your wide open ears, and to flash your eyes with a object at the height of your fantasies.

Music from movies from the Golden age of french porn, with evocative titles such as Swinging Couple Cruise, Private Nurses, Right of the First Night or A Foreign Girl in Paris. But the critical state of the tapes required a huge restoration work. In order to finance this rescue and to create a new vinyl that matches our first one, we call upon your desire to be part of the initiative ! Together, let’s render these naughty tracks by Alain Goraguer available for the first time on a support worthy of your expectations.

“If you are as we are sensitive to the charm of this enchanted parenthesis of vintage porn, celebrating a festive sexuality, then you will certainly like the jewell case we created for these unreleased tracks.”

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