Chris Brinkhof  
Katinka de Vries  

About Headshot

A surprisingly intimate portrait of sex, accomplished without any explicit imagery. Originally inspired by the 1963 Andy Warhol film “Blowjob,” the erotic documentary “Headshot” portrays an intense, shared sexual encounter in which we see only one participant, a leather-jacketed (and, in our version, eventually naked) young man. (First-time actor Chris Brinkhof).

As in Warhol’s film, we never see the face of the person giving the blowjob (first-time actress Katinka de Vries), and we only see Chris from the waist up. But in our version we follow the experience from beginning to end: From Chris waiting for Katinka to arrive, to their very first conversation, their full sexual experience together, and their conversation afterward.

Runtime: 8:43  min

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