Alicia Whitsover   Mariah Carr
Steven McAlistair   Daniel Kincaid

About Matinee

How far would you go for the sake of art?

Stage actors Mariah and Daniel play lovers every night, but their onstage romance lacks spark. One slow afternoon, they discover that today’s matinée performance will make or break both their careers. Daniel wants to make big changes, and Mariah starts to wonder: are Daniel’s suggestions reasonable? Or has he lost track of the boundary between actor and character? Rushed to the stage, in front of a live audience, they must figure it out together.

About The Film
Matinée is an award-winning sexually explicit drama intended to bridge the gap between art film and sex film. The film showcases Steven McAlistair (Scotland) and Alicia Whitsover (England) in their first explicit sex roles ever. It features an original musical score and careful attention to capturing the real-life sounds of sex. Real, intense and emotional, Matinée takes a fresh look at what erotic film can be.

Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2009: Winner, “Best Short Film” jury prize
CineKink NYC Film Festival 2009: Winner, “Best Short Narrative Film” jury prize
Feminist Porn Awards 2009: Honorable Mention

About Blue Artichoke Films
Blue Artichoke Films is dedicated to making artistic, unusual films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way.

Jennifer Lyon Bell, the creative force behind Blue Artichoke Films, is a Harvard-educated American filmmaker, curator, and writer based in Amsterdam. Her background is in psychology and in film theory.
She co-curated the vintage Stag Film exhibition at the Museum of Sex in New York, wrote a sex advice column called “Ladywood” for the Amsterdam Weekly newspaper, and was a programmer/co-director of the Rated X: Amsterdam Alternative Erotica Film Festival.

Year: 2009
Runtime: 34  min
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch

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