About Glimpse 16

Roy Stuart’s, Glimpse 16 is pure pleasure…

If you don’t like standard porn clichés, Roy Stuart’s work won’t let you down!
He proves that again in Glimpse 16.
Roy Stuart’s love for music, spoken word, dance, voyeurism and short stories is perfectly combined with (maybe) his biggest love: young, natural looking women being comfortable with themselves when they enjoy sex and don’t seem to notice the camera anymore.

Glimpse 16 shows girls in their own natural beauty with furry pussy’s, who are enjoying their bodies and pleasure themselves, or pleasure each other or are assisted by the photographer’s hand or the hand of a male co-star. Girls dancing naked in revealing lingerie, girls that pee and two short stories of a young girl inviting a homeless man to her apartment offering more than food and a shower… And the story of the psychiatrist from Glimpse 15 continues… The madam of the call girl agency offers the psychiatrist a new recruit. The new girl isn’t impressed by the psychiatrist at all…

Filmed in such an artistic, beautiful, voyeuristic and highly erotic way, only Roy Stuart can, and they are supported by original music and lyrics/poetry.

– Erographic

Year: 2015
Runtime: 140  min
Country: France
Language: English, French

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