Roy Stuart - The Lost Door


Mikalea Fisher   Kristina
Anna Bielska   Catherine
Pierre Heitz   Marc
Nicole Auberger   Nicole
Richard Clement   Alex Remi Martin – Le Judge
Lenna Strasse   La Soeur
Isabel De Francesco   Maya
Laurent Halimi   Dr. Rosendhal
Birgit Yew   La Mere


“The Lost Door” opens up to a poetic rollercoaster trip”

“The Lost Door” is Roy Stuart’s first full-length feature film (105 minutes). It’s a story about obsession, jealousy, sex and illusion.

“The Lost Door” is about Kristina (Mikaela Fisher). She is a suspect in a murder inquiry. She is commited to a psychiatric hospital where she is being interrogated by a young female psychiatrist named Catherine (Anna Bielska). It’s Catherine’s goal to find out what goes on in Kristina’s mind and whether she has commited the murder.
Kristina tells Catherine about her obsession for/addiction to her dancestudent Nicole (Nicole Auberger). Kristina has done everything in her power to be with Nicole. This has lead to dangerous and unforseen situations. First the film focuses on Kristina’s story. But in the end, the film is also about the confrontation between the two women, Kristina and Catherine. Kristina manages to let Catherine open up to her own sexual repressed desires.

One of the main themes in the film, is the relationship between love and sex. Is love an addiction and what is a sexual addiction? Are love and sex inseparable or can you have sex without love and love without sex? These are questions that may come up in a viewer’s mind. Roy Stuart’s “The Lost Door” doesn’t answer these questions but makes the viewer think about this topic and leaves room for discussion. There are several scenes about the relationship between love and sex. One of the scenes about this subject is a dialogue between Kristina and Catherine. The dialogue also shows Kristina’s attempts to manipulate Catherine into having a bond with her.

Kristina: “You think you have to be in love in order to have good sex? That’s what my sister thinks.”
Catherine: “Really. Why tell me about your sister? I don’t see the connection.”
Kristina: “You remind a bit me of her.”

“The Lost Door” to me, is a poetic rollercoaster trip. What I mean by that, is that the viewer may be overwhelmed by the film. There is so much to see! You really need to see the film more than once to fully appreciate it. Kristina’s memories, I call them “glimpses from her mind”, are filmed in a visually beautiful way and accompanied with poems and great music, that is composed by Roy Stuart himself. I think they are pieces of art in themselves. I have seen “The Lost Door” several times now and I think it is a piece of art and a mustsee! The visuals, the sound and the story makes you think. – Erographic

“The Lost Door” now available as a double disc DVD set.
This 105 minute version, in French with English sub-titles, is the same film that had a theatrical release in Paris this past winter.
It is accompanied by a second bonus DVD containing production footage and many deleted scenes, including several that were removed from the final version in order to permit the film to be shown in theatres.

– Erographic

Year: 2008
Runtime: 105  min
Country: France
Language: English, German, French

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