Marc Blackie
Photographer, Director

About the Artist

Marc Blackie is an English artist exploring his obsession with the ridiculousness of the human libido through the mediums of photography, short films and animation.

Blackie’s work has gained an international reputation for challenging notions of sexuality & de-constructing the clichés of erotica with his now trademark blend of cynicism and disturbing imagery. The photographer-turned-film maker confronts the relationship between audience and performer, the expectation of the genre and, with a wry sense of humour, skewers our unconscious habits in regard to desire.

Each of his still or moving pieces convey their own individual narrative yet also exist entirely in context within this world, in what he describes as “A blend of the erotic, the surreal and the anhedonic”.

Citing influences from such figures as Hans Bellmer, Koji Wakamatsu and Georges Bataille, whilst not for the faint-hearted, Blackie’s work is as provocative as it is disorientating, and contain a uniquely uneasy beauty.

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